Sunday, September 17, 2006



I was passing through downtown Thursday afternoon when I noticed the ballast train was in town again, this time with the caboose on the north end. I couldn't see the power, but I figured it was the 1800, and hoped it was facing south. When I turned the corner, I could see that is was, the first time I have ever seen the thing without cars coupled to it's snout.

I parked, and walked trackside along Market St. The engineer looked up from his paperwork with something like alarm, and then gave me a 'ah, it's just you' look. I asked which way they were going, and he said to Newark, and asked me if I wanted him to turn off the lights on the engine. I said it was fine as it was, and he went back to his paper.

It wasn't long before he notched out that little MLW and it thundered off toward Newark. I would have chased it all day if I could have, but I had to go back to work. But it was a nice little break on a nice sunny day.

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