Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Heavy Train the Heavy Rain

It was pouring on Tuesday when I was on my way home for lunch. On into the house, I heard the coal train, and decided to eat quickly. When I hear the train across town when I get home, I have plenty of time to eat and still get north of town to shoot the train. I still ate and ran. The dog was disappointed.

As I drove north, the train got to a spot north of town where the road and tracks come together at the same time I did, and I slowed down to listen to the two big GEs on the front thunder along. While I am getting tired of the seeing the same two locomotives on the train for the past several weeks, they sure sounded good.

I went to a usual spot north of town, where the tracks curve between the cornfields and there is a place to park. I waited as the train crawled north, watching the trail of smoke as it rose above the corn, now head high.

If you look closely at the low quality web images, you may be able to pick out the rain drops. The engineer gave me a 'you again' look as he passed, but still waved.

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