Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Light in Retreat

The crew was getting on the local when I passed the yard on my way home from work, so I headed to the small lift bridge across the Muskingum River Canal to shoot the train. I had shot the local there before two times earlier in the summer, from both sides of the tracks when Gp30 4218 was leading. The Super 7 twins were on the train, and I thought about a different way to shoot the train.

With a bit of zoom, you can look through the bridge, and shoot the train passing through the dogfood factory along side a row of boxcars. So I did. The power is in light shadow, while much of the rest of the scene is in hazy sunlight.

Having shot the train at State Street too many times to count, I headed west to the first crossing outside of town, by the foundry I repeatedly try to shoot the train passing.

This time, the sun was behind the trees before the train came, meaning the chasing season was just about over. Soon I will be lucky to get the train at the bridge, and then it will be nothing but night shots until next spring.

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