Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The End is Near

Had to go to Coshocton today, and as I was heading to my assignment, something caught my eye on the old Nickle Plate through town. It looked like a C30-7 in UP paint, which, upon inspection a few hours later after my work was done, it turned out to be. Or what is left of it. The pug-nosed brute is near the end now, parted out and slowly disappearing. Next to it was former Conrail slug 1002, a pair of steam generator cars and some rusty coaches. All are most likely going to be gone by the time the impending sale of the OC is completed in about 2 weeks. I guess the ownership is trying to squeeze a few more dimes out of the property.

Sadder to me was the demise of an ancient boxcar near by. There are fewer and fewer steam/transition era cars out there, and it would have looked nice restored running behind a steam engine.