Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lucky Break

Wednesday was a typical crappy Ohio spring day, except that it is the middle of winter. A light jacket sufficed for my duties in Coshocton in the morning, which included a spin past the ethanol plant to see if there were any signs of life, since I have been disinvited there twice now in the past two weeks. Hopefully an invitation to a grand opening will appear on my desk later this week.

It rained all morning, and was a light drizzle when I was on my way back to Zanesville. As I crossed the tracks in Trinway there was a headlight in the distance, so I stopped and grabbed my gear. Less than a minute later an NS Sd70m-2 was charging past with a coal train.

Just a lucky break, I guess.

edit: found out today that it was the NS852-06

NS 2688
HLCX 5947 (dead in consist)
NS 8884

114 x 0
15,000 tns
6,025 ft.

OHCR 5122 (rear helpers)
OHCR 4028

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