Saturday, July 29, 2006

Westward Local

August 2, 2006
The Ohio Central's Newark Turn tends to leave Zanesville at around 7:30, right about the time I usually get out of work. Usually I base my decision to watch the train leave town on the motive power and if there are any interesting coil cars waiting to be picked up on the way out of town. When I got out of work today, it was such a nice night and the Gp30 on the local was so nice and clean, I figured I would stop and take a photo. Or three.

I thought about taking a photo of the train crossing the former B&O bridge across the Muskingum River. As I cross the street to check out the bridge, the boss drove by and waved. He alread thinks I am nuts, so it is ok. So I tromped around in the mud under the bridge, foul stinking mud that stuck to my shoes and made me slip and slide and sink.

I tried a shot with a long lens, and then a wide view, framed by the underside of the famous Y bridge.

It wasn't very good, at least in review. My camera is still in my trunk, the card undownloaded.

So I scooted over to a tiny road near State Street, where I can watch the train pick up it's cars and head out of town. I squeezed off a tight shot of the train leaving, and then headed west, one more crossing left in town. I lined up my shot, part of a foundry towering over the tracks, and waited. The train had stopped to pick up it's conductor, and it took a few minutes for it to appear. But instead of roaring off into the sunset, the train stopped to switch the foundry.

And since I was late for home, and had a floor to sand, I went home. So here is a photo from last week, of a different set of power from nearly the same spot.

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