Saturday, July 08, 2006

Last Light

May 5, 2006
The local has had an unusual combination of aging locomotives on it this week, and since my wife would be looking for houses with our realtor, it would be a fine evening to tingle some pixels in the evening light. So went home, fed the dog, planted some zucchini, and when I heard an airhorn, went down to the tracks. To my chagrin, the train was disappearing into the woods, and I was forced to give chase. Well, not forced, but certainly wouldn't have been able to photograph it otherwise.

Into the hills to the west, squinting into the setting sun. I found the first crossing I could access, and mulled my possibilities. The shadows had covered the tracks coming toward me, except for a narrow band. I thought the train would look nice going through that narrow band with a dark background. A deer crossed the tracks, and a squadron of baby raccoons marched along the drainage ditch. I turned around, and went off to find another spot, and a headlight appeared. So back across the tracks again, parked, and got to work.

The train rumbled through the shaft of light, which since my arrival had moved, and messed up my grand plans. The engineer gave me a horn salute, and notched it out as he passed. I turned, and watched the train roll into the sun, the bugs dancing above the train in the glorious evening sunlight. The raccoons applauded. It was wonderful.

And to think that I almost left...

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