Sunday, October 05, 2008

Evening Apparition

I was out for a walk with the family when I heard a steam whistle. Thinking it was perhaps the steel mill, I at first ignored it, until I heard it again. And checked the time. 10 minutes before the 7 pm whistle, if there even is one. After getting permission, I headed down to the tracks to see the 1293 one last time.

It may not be the last time, but if feels like it. The OC was recently sold to the G&W. And while realistically, it is not really going to affect the local railfan populace one bit, I still felt a little melancholy watching the 1293 back past the NZT, which was pulling up beside it to make its evening pickup.

The Ohio Central I knew was one that would pull out a steam engine for the fun of it, where new power would show up with no notice, and Alcos ruled the ballast trains. I don't know much about the G&W, but I doubt it is as much fun, for railfans at least. Plus, it was kind of neat knowing that the local railroad was headquartered 30 miles up the road.

I have heard things about what it was like to work for the Ohio Central. And honestly, I don't really care. We all have jobs, and we all do them, for better or for worse, until something better comes along. If I worked for them, I would probably feel different, but to me, the OC will always be yellow and maroon engines creeping through the woods, and an evening steam surprise.

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