Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Feeding the Beast

My first trip to the river of the year. After missing the southbound WLE train at Rayland, I made my customary stop in Mingo Junction, at the elementary school parking lot that overlooks the mill. As I drove up I saw a switcher pushing a cut of hoppers up the high line. By the time I was out of the car the switcher was shrouded in steam, waiting for it's load to empty, as a line of coke hoppers wait their turn beside it.


Alex said...

Hey Chris, my name is Alex and I did the "You Are A Conductor Video". Please email me, I'd like to talk with you. alexonan at gmail dot com - thanks!

JIM LOOMIS said...

Hello Chris,

I've recently started a blog that's mostly about train travel.


Would you be interested in cross-linking? Really admire what you're doing, btw.
Jim Loomis