Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rainy Night at the Yard

Call this one forced futility. After heavy rain most of the afternoon, I figured a quick stop by the yard on the way home would yield a shot or two.

It did, kind of. The rain started as soon as my rickety tripod was set. I didn't have a lens hood, and I had to wipe my lens a few times while figuring out my exposure. It would be a short shoot, two frames, it turns out.

My first wide view of the yard, although I was hoping to shoot longer, as the yard was nearly empty. But better to preserve my gear, as the rain was getting heavier. The shot is of an abandoned switch, the blobby shadow beside it a photographer, holding a floppy hat over his camera, hoping his tripod doesn't slip. What is more futile than the fear of rain and a busted switch?

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