Monday, August 28, 2006

Business and Pleasure

A call came across the scanner about a wreck off the interstate, so my reporter went off to see what we could find. A semi had plunged down a hill, narrowly missing a building, and come to rest not far from the railroad tracks. The northbound coal train had already been through, so I was not expecting to see a train. But after we had been there a while, I heard an airhorn, and could see a southbound empty through the trees across the river. It would only take a few moments, and I could get a photo of the train and the wreck. Business with pleasure.

I waited around longer than I really need to go get the train, and it took a little longer after it showed up, because the conductor got off to make sure the tow truck wasn't fouling the tracks. Finally the run down GE, star of my GLT chase last Thursday, eased past and I got a frame or two.

Kind of ruined by the guy looking at me, but what to do, what to do.

Photo copyright Times Recorder 2006. Fortunately, the guy in the truck wasn't hurt, just a little banged up.

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